Novelty Character Toys Slinky The Original Slinky Dog

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The Slinky Dog still makes the well-known slinkity sound and follows along behind when pulled. He is a squirming, wiggling, adorable dog who has been loved by generations of kids. Animated with the famous Slinky spring, he is the unforgettable toy dog wagging his tail right out of the 1950’s! Slinky Dog is a family favorite. A darling toy dachshund with a metal slinky for a mid-section, he’s a breed of clever, intuitive, ingenious design that appeals to all ages. Timeless fun in a pull-toy, tail-wagging design for the toddler! The Slinky Dog has been reintroduced to new generations in the Disney “Toy Story” movies. Slinky Dog or simply known as “Slinky” or “Slink” by the toys, is one of the main characters in the Toy Story franchise. He is the same loveable dachshund toy with a springy body and is one of Andy's beloved toys that come to life behind closed doors. Slinky is also shown to be a pet to Woody, as he always helps his friend in need and follows him around, just like a real dog! The Slinky Dog is readily recognized and warmly greeted by youngsters everywhere.

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