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3d Wooden Puzzles

Mozlly toys and kids’s accessories can provide your children with endless hours of amusement at home or on the go. All are made to the strictest safety specifications, and designed to be age-appropriate. With Mozlly, you can rest assured that our products will both challenge and delight your children for years to come!

Our 3d puzzles provide a wide range of challenges for children of all ages. These creative toys all come shrink-wrapped with instructions and everything else you need to build the toy. Once assembled, they can be painted and played with over and over again. Our other kids puzzles are of similar quality and entertainment value as well!

We also provide bath toys that can entertain your children during bath time, as well as super soft plush and plush toys that are safe and enjoyable for any age group. And, since kids need something to carry their toys, books, and other items in as they go through their daily adventures, we also provide a wide range of kids bags and kids backpacks.

When it comes to toys that you can rely on for safety, craftsmanship, and sheer entertainment value and usefulness, you can trust Mozlly to provide what you need!

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