Discover Mozlly's Bobble Magnets collection

If you're looking for functional yet novel fridge magnet toys to liven up the kitchen or office, then you've come to the right place! Mozlly's line of sturdy, attractive products provide just the right blend of usefulness and whimsy to meet your aesthetic and entertainment needs.

We have bobble magnets in a number of different themes that can serve you well on any refrigerator or other metal surface. There is an animal collection, as well as an ocean collection, reptile selection, and more.

Mozlly's springy magnets are especially springy, due to their long arms and legs. Their bright colors and dynamic shapes will certainly appeal to the young ones in your home.

Our bobble eye-magnets are sure to please, as they come in a variety of models all with oversized eyes that shake every time the refrigerator moves.

Want a softer edge on things? Try our plush magnets! They're soft and cuddly enough to be mistaken for a child's toy, but don't be fooled! These little plush creatures have a job to do!

Mozlly metal magnets are not just attractive - they're useful as well. So, their colorful designs will brighten your day even as they're busy holding up those shopping lists and the kids report cards!

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